Our ESD / AntiStatic Products are well-known from High Quality, Good Price mix! ESD Racks  ESD Gloves & Clothes, ESD Shoes and Booties are just few of our wide-variety of Products we have on stock. Our well-known ESD products are supplied to a major EMS, OEM, Automotive, IT, Medical and Telecom companies on a regular basis. Our ROI (Return On Investment) number, varies from 50-200%, dependant on product types and usage, which clearly proves Equip-Esd™ products pay for itself.


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Inquiries are welcome on: info@equip-esd.com or via phone on +3629550940. Our standard working hours are from 8.00 a.m. – 16.30 p.m. from Monday – Friday. Equip-Esd™ Online Shop is open 24 / 7


Equip-Esd™, an ESD division of Equip-Test Group, exports   High-Quality,  ESD /  AntiStatic Products to all over the world. Our customers respect the quality and the price advantage, our products offer. Our Headquarter is located next to  Budapest, Hungary, but we cover several other countries locally or from our HQ, directly. Please contact us via central email on: info@equip-esd.com or on any of bellow adresses for local service.

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FlashRunner FRPXIA3


FlashRunner FRPXIA3 is the brand new PXI module, for Gang In System Programming. FlashRunner PXI is based on FlashRunner technology, the fast and reliable programming system for Flash-based microcontroller and serial memories.

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Tooling Foundry Models and Core Boxes For mid-range and pre-series production quantities cores and core boxes can be milled from polyurethane boards. This saves the traditional step of resin casting. Necuron 1020 is able to withstand more than 10.000 shots at around 3 bar pressure. Necuron 1300 will stand several thousand more without signs of significant wear. Read more… Modelling Styling and Design Model An extremely wide range of Necuron materials are available for making design...

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The WriteNow! technology is targeted to on-board (in-system) programming and has been designed to achieve high-speed programming, while maintaining reliability and flexibility.
As an Algocraft’s article reports us WriteNow! programmer expands its device list by adding Freescale ColdFire V1 MCF51AG128 and MCF51AG96 devices.

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